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Presentation Information     2011-03-11 (10:30)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Roland S Johansson
Comment Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Umeň University
Type External presentation
Title Coding and Use of Sensory Signals during Dexterous Object Manipulation in Humans
Abstract Dexterous object manipulation is a hallmark of human skill. Series of action phases characterize natural object manipulation tasks, where each phase is responsible for satisfying a task subgoal. The brain realizes subgoals by selecting and sequentially implementing suitable action phase controllers that use specific sensory predictions and afferent signals to tailor the motor output in anticipation of requirements imposed by objects physical properties and task. This presentation addresses the use of tactile and visual sensory information in this context. It highlights the importance of sensory predictions related to the discrete and distinct sensory events associated with contact events linked to subgoal completions. Analyses of signals in single human tactile afferent neurons during task performance reveals how such contact events are encoded and how action-phase controllers use afferent signals from the hand.