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Presentation Information     2010-11-01 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Henrik Johansson
Comment Digital Production Division, National Library of Sweden
Type External presentation
Title Colorite: a flexible cross-platform software solution for automatic image quality analysis using arbitrary targets
Abstract High and consistent image quality requires that targets are incorporated in the digitization workflow. Several initiatives and guidelines for measurements and analysis of such targets have emerged during the last years, the most prominent being FADGI and Metamorfoze. Though these initiatives provide a solid theoretical foundation for target-based image quality analysis, flexible cross-platform tools that use this foundation are lacking.
The Digital Production Division at the National Library of Sweden has developed Colorite, a flexible cross-platform software solution for automatic target-based analysis of image quality. Colorite is a major part of the divisionís ongoing effort to create a fully automated post-processing workflow. Colorite conforms to the image quality specifications and guidelines set forth in FADGI and Metamorfoze.
Colorite employs state-of-the-art image matching algorithms to allow for both arbitrary targets and arbitrary target placements. To our knowledge, the capability to use and identify arbitrary targets for image quality analysis is unique. If a derivative image requires a specific resolution, Colorite can automatically provide a scaling factor. Furthermore, the user may specify the exact criteria for the image quality analysis. Should an image fail the quality control, Colorite will automatically highlight the areas in which the quality needs to be improved.
Colorite makes extensive use of XML for storing comprehensive information about the employed target, the image quality criteria, and the result of the image quality analysis. This information is suitable for long-term preservation to provide both security and traceability. Colorite has successfully been deployed on both Windows and Mac platforms.
In this paper, we provide a detailed description of the core functionality and the design of Colorite. We show how Colorite is incorporated into the workflow at the Digital Production Division at the National Library of Sweden. By using Colorite, the Digital Production Division has achieved an increased and more consistent image quality and a significant reduction in operator workload.