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Presentationsinformation     2010-10-18 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Pontus Olsson
Titel Cooperative Control of Virtual Objects using Haptic Teleoperation over the Internet
Sammanfattning The feasibility of performing remote assessment and therapy of patients over the internet using robotic devices is explored. Using a force feedback device, the therapist can assess the range of motion, flexibility, strength, and spasticity of the patient's arm grasping a similar robotic device at a remote location. In addition, cooperative rehabilitation strategies can be developed whereby both the patient and therapist cooperatively perform tasks in a virtual environment. To counter the destabilizing effects of time delay in the force feedback loop, a passive wave variable architecture is used to encode velocity and force information. The control scheme is validated experimentally over the internet using a pair of InMotion2 robots located 500 miles apart.