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Presentation Information     2010-05-28 (10:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Erik Almlöf
Type Master thesis presentation
Title What is most important in a city? Development of a localization tool for urban planning
Abstract This paper is part of the research programme ViSuCity, a programme with the goal of creating more sustainable urban planning through the development of better visual tools, which ultimately means better communication between various parties of public planning. The paper concerns the implementation of MCE into a 3D program for visualization. Multi criteria evaluation (MCE) is a technique that has been developed during the last 20 years. It merges GIS with AHP, forming a decision making tool for localization of, for example, new buildings.
The result is an automated tool that enables advanced analysis of geographic areas. The tool has a very high potential due to the completely automated MCE and it is adapted for people without a technical background, let alone formal training in MCE. It provides great opportunities to test different scenarios, something that should be an important advantage. The incorporation of MCE into 3D models has made it easier for users to relate the maps to reality, since a detailed 3D model is very easily understood in terms of geographical placement. A brand new feature that has not previously been used is the ability to import new objects and give feedback to the analysis.
A summary of research on the MCE underlines the current situation, that relatively little research exists surrounding the use and demand of MCE. This paper unfortunately contributes to this fact since no user studies have been done due to lack of time. This is something future research should focus on.