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Presentation Information     2010-05-24 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Jens Hedrich
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Image analysis to identify pre-modern coins and medals
Abstract The study of the production technique of coins and medals is of central importance to Numismatics. Most coins were minted with two coin dies, which get worn out varyingly fast and are finally replaced by some new dies. By comparing different coins, numismatists try to find out, e.g., which dies were used to mint a specific coin. As a result, so-called die chains can be created, which show how individual dies were combined with each other. These chains are very important to establish a relative chronology for coins that do neither state the coin- lord's name nor the year of issue of coins. Additionally, die chains can be very helpful to estimate the amount of coins minted on the one hand, and consequently give information about the former general economic situation on the other hand. This project is a contribution to how image analysis techniques can be applied to identify coins of the same die. For this purpose, the entire processing pipeline is investigated (data acquisition, feature detection / image registration and comparison- techniques).