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Presentation Information     2010-02-22 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Fredrik Olsson
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Visualization of Military Camp Sites
Abstract The purpose with this Master thesis project was to develop a tool, where 3D objects that can be found in military camps are created. These objects should be assembled to a 3D model of a camp. A prototype has been implemented that can be used for evaluation of how useful a 3D visualization of a military camp is and what benefits it can obtain compared to a 2D sketch. The 3D visualizations are created in SketchUp and functionality is in priority in front of graphical details. In addition, SketchUp is used as a tool when planning new military camps, so it is necessary that all objects can be deleted and moved and it should also be possible to add new objects to the camp. A Matlab function was written to read 2D maps and project them to a 3D map so the terrain can be imported to the SketchUp model. One prerequisite of the project is that the program should work on a quite ordinary laptop. Hence, in order to save memory space and computational times, the objects created are as small as possible (regarding bytes), without losing too much detail. A number of example camps are shown with various objects such as tents, vehicles, and roads.

Supervisors: Björn Brundin, Saab Aerotech and Ingela Nyström, Filip Malmberg, CBA