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Presentation Information     2009-11-23 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Ingela Nyström
Title UPPMAX Builds Computational Power and Large-Scale Storage for Gene-Sequence Data: Welcome to Submit Image Data Also
Abstract What does UPPMAX mean to CBA? And what does UPPMAX mean to you? In this seminar, I hope to answer these questions and many more that you might have.

At UPPMAX, Uppsala University's resource of high-performance computers and know-how of high-performance computing, we are this Fall installing the cluster Kalkyl consisting of 348 compute nodes (2748 cores) and 5.5 TB RAM. In addition, we are installing storage capacities of 500 TB. The new system is mainly intended for researchers who deal with the enormous quantities of data from modern gene-sequencing technology, but also for researchers from other areas. I will present the initial plans, changed decisions, and lessons learned during the buildup of our large-scale resource.