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Presentation Information     2009-05-04 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Christer Bergman
Type Master thesis presentation
Title Low cost real-time gaze tracker using a web camera
Abstract Gaze tracking means to detect and track the direction in which a person look. Gaze tracking can for instance be used in human computer interaction and in medicine. Most gaze trackers today are expensive and some are invasive. The idea of this thesis is to make a cheap and user friendly gaze tracker.

The approach is to use feature based image analysis to find and track the eyes, Hough circle transform is used to find the eyes. A simple calibration is done to get positions on the screen as output.

An experiment is done on ten volunteers to evaluate the gaze tracker. The experiment shows that the gaze tracker is robust and its resolutions are sufficient for some applications.