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Presentation Information     2009-03-30 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Amin Allalou
Title 3DSWD and Improved Signal Detection by Combining Detection and Verification
Abstract Robust detection and localization of biomolecules inside cells is of great importance to better understand the functions related to them. Fluorescence microscopy and specific staining methods make biomolecules appear as point-like signals on image data, often acquired in 3D. Visual detection of such point-like signals can be time consuming and problematic if the 3D images are large, containing many, sometimes overlapping, signals. This sets a demand for robust automated methods for accurate detection of these types of signals. We have proposed a new 3D point-source signal detection method, called 3DSWD. The method consists of two parts, a detector and a verifier. The method is compared to some conventional methods for detecting point-like signals. In addition, the conventional method is tested with the verifier from the 3DSWD to see if these methods could be significantly improved by this additional step.