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Presentationsinformation     2008-09-15 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Siavoush Mohammadi Mohaghegh
Typ External presentation
Titel Visualization of electromagnetic observables in radio-beams
Sammanfattning During the last couple of years, more intricate properties of the electromagnetic field have been discovered. Mainly, these progresses have been in connection to different angular momentum aspects of the EM-fields.

This has in essence rendered the need to develop and enhance the visualization methods in order to better understand the physics behind these properties. During this presentation we will see how, one can by simple methods using VTK and python, visualize properties as Spin, Angular momentum, Spin-Orbit Angular momentum and other quantities of a radio-beam. Furthermore, some aspects of the mentioned object oriented visualization program will be discussed.