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Presentationsinformation     2008-05-26 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Kristin Norell
Titel Are you able to count to 20? - Measuring annual rings in coniferous saw-logs
Sammanfattning In Swedish wood industry, saw-logs are classified into quality classes according to different criterion, with some of the criterion being properties of the log end face. The Swedish timber measurement council (VMR) are aiming for automatic measuring of those properties using image analysis, and this is my research project. At the moment we focus on measuring the number of annual rings according to the VMR measurement instructions, meaning counting annual rings in a specific region of the end face. Which region to choose is however dependent on the number of rings in different regions, which complicates the measurements.
I will talk about where we have gotten so far and what the problems are at the moment. Since this is a presentation of research in progress, your reflections on the topic would be helpful to me.