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Presentationsinformation     2008-03-10 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Bettina Selig
Titel Estimation of the amount of lignin in wood cells - Classification of detected edges
Sammanfattning Wood fibre quality is important for many uses of this raw material. The quality can be tested by various microscopy methods, where different fibre properties are qualitatively and/or quantitatively measured. In this project, we will develop automatic quantitative image analysis of single wood fibres.

Usually the substance lignin is located between the individual wood cells but sometimes it also deposits in the cell walls. This is an undesirable condition, because if these fibres are processed to paper, the lignin in the cell walls causes bad quality. For this reason the percentage of the lignin in the cell shall be estimated to quantify the quality of the wood fibres.

For this project images with glowing lignin created with a fluorescence microscope are used. The first task was to find the edges between the different part of the cells and classify them. The methods and results of the first approaches will be presented at the Monday seminar.