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Presentationsinformation     2008-01-14 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Hamid Sarve
Titel Registration of 2D Histological Images with SRÁCT Volumes
Sammanfattning In order to provide a better insight in bone modelling and remodelling around implants, information need to be extracted from different imaging techniques. These techniques yield different modalities; two types of data used in this ongoing project are 2D histological images and SRÁCT-volumes.

In the case of SRÁCT-volumes, manual annotation is very time consuming and difficult. One way to work around this deficiency is to register the volume with the 2D histological images, for which a ground truth can be created, in the volumes.

In this talk, I'll briefly present how the data is acquired and explain the registration method used. Finally I hope we can discuss the difficulties and problems I've faced with the method (and the data).