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Presentation Information     2007-11-05 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Bettina Selig
Title Automatic colour calibration for the RoboCup Small-Size League
Abstract The games of the Small-Size League of RoboCup, the world championships in robot soccer, are recorded with digital cameras located 4 m above the field. Images are transmitted to an off-field computer processing them in real time and sending instructions back to the teamís robots on the field. To facilitate image processing an orange ball is used and robots are labelled with coloured markers on their covers. Thus, ball and robots can be located and distinguished from one another. Since the field is usually not uniformly illuminated, the appearance of the blobsí colours varies over the field, which makes it necessary to save the apparent shades in colour maps. One colour map each for ball and robot colours has to be created. The preparation of these maps is a time-consuming procedure and has to be re-done in advance of every match. During the work on my masterís thesis I developed a much faster method which simplifies and automates this process. The basic principle of this method is the dependence of surface colour values under the same lighting conditions and was successfully tested and used by the FU-Fighters during the RoboCup World Championship 2006 in Bremen, Germany.