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Presentationsinformation     2007-10-29 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Talare Joakim Lindblad
Titel Version Management with Bazaar (bzr)
Sammanfattning This Monday I will talk about one of those handy programs that I use every day. A program designed to keep order in the computerized world. The talk will be very similar to one I kept at CBA in the fall of 2001 entitled "Version Management with CVS". Since version management is such an important issue, and since I have recently seen the benefits of version management in a number of situations, I feel that now is a perfect time to revisit that topic.

Version management or revision control is essential for anyone producing larger amounts of information (e.g. source code and text) over some period of time. Software tools for revision control are increasingly recognized as being *necessary for the organization of multi-developer projects*. I will talk about my current favorite tool, Bazaar, which is a distributed revision control system (as opposed to, e.g., cvs or subversion). Bazaar can be used by a single developer working on multiple branches of local content, or by teams collaborating across a network. As of 2007, the best known users of Bazaar is the Ubuntu project. Released under the GNU General Public License, Bazaar is free software.

The seminar will be interesting for anyone producing fair amounts of text or source code in digital form, and yes, Bazaar exists for Windows and Macintosh also (although I will refer to the UN*X version for my examples).