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Presentation Information     2007-10-22 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Maria Axelsson
Title An introduction to MATLAB MEX-files
Abstract MATLAB (by MathWorks) is a widely used program for algorithm development in image analysis and many other disciplines. In MATLAB, matrix and vector processing operations are optimized and there are many built-in functions which are fast. However, in some cases it is hard to state a problem on vector form and use the built-in functions, which sometimes make the implementation of the algorithm unefficient. Especially this is a problem if for-loops are used. In such cases other solutions than pure MATLAB solutions using m-files are beneficial.

MATLAB provides an interface to external routines in C and Fortran through MEX-files. In this seminar I will give an introduction to MATLAB MEX-files using C, and discuss how MEX-files can be applied to get faster implementations in an easy way while maintaing the benefits of using MATLAB, like easy visualization of the result and access to many basic functions useful in algorithm development.