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Presentation Information     2007-06-04 (15:15)   •  The seminar room at Vi2

Speaker Gerhard Bax
Title 90 degrees, 9000 meters; potential and challenges of Geoinformatics @uu.se
Abstract Geoinformatics, the science dealing with spatial relationships and geographical information, is internationally well recognized for its increasing potential and importance for the human society. In a recent article in Nature (vol. 427, 22 Jan. 2004) it is started that Geoinformatics is ranked by US Department of Labor together with Nano- and Biotechnology as one of the 3 most promising new technologies.

The seminar will show previous. But also still ongoing activities in this field at Uppsala University and potential obstacles will be discussed. Many daily activities rely heavily on the disciplines of Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing GIS, GPS), without us being aware of this.