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2016-08-01 - 2016-12-30

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2016-08-24   15:15
E Ralf Schumacher 3D Printing in Medicine: Revolution or Illusion?
University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland
2016-08-29   14:15
CBA Anders Hast An automatic registration method for non blind bleed-through rest...
2016-08-31   10:15
CBA Petter Ranefall Docentföreläsning: Intensitetströskling
Docent lecture (in Swedish)
2016-09-05   14:15
E CBA Marco Antonio Garcia de Carvalho Research activities in IMAGELab (FT/UNICAMP): work in progress
University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016-09-05   15:15
Mikael Laaksoharju Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have infl...
Classical and Modern Papers in HCI
2016-09-12   14:15
CBA Ingrid Carlbom An Analysis of the Consensus-Grading of the CADESS Prostate Tissu...
2016-09-12   15:15
E CBA Ramon Adrian Salinas Franco Cytological Low-Quality Image Segmentation
University of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016-09-19   14:15
CBA Marine Astruc
2016-09-19   15:15
M HCI Diane Golay, Petra Söderlund Computerized data entry and display in trauma resuscitation: a ca...
2016-09-26   14:15
CBA Johan Nysjö Interactive 3D Image Analysis for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Pl...
Thesis presentation rehearsal
2016-09-29   15:15
E CBA Jayaram K. Udupa Body-wide Automatic Anatomy Recognition in Medical Imagery
Medical Image Processing Group, Dept. of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania
2016-10-03   14:15
CBA Eva Breznik Statistical significance in whole body MRI images
2016-10-03   15:15
HCI Fei Liu Hand-held Augmented Reality for Facility Maintenance
Thesis presentation rehearsal
2016-10-05   11:15
E HCI Tom Ziemke and Sam Thellman Social Dimensions of Human-Robot Interaction
Linköping University and University of Skövde
2016-10-06   14:15
E Prof. Xiangyu Wang Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Built Environment
2016-10-10   14:15
[No seminar due to IT Dept. Strategy Day]
2016-10-17   14:15
CBA Gabriele Partel Gene Fusion Analysis in Cancer
2016-10-17   15:15
HCI Anders Jansson Human Decision Making as Cognition Over Time
2016-10-24   14:15
CBA Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan Cell Segmentation and Zebrafish Classification using Deep Neural ...
2016-10-24   15:15
E Prof. Dr. Antoine Vacavant A Novel definition of robustness for image processing algorithms
ISIT (Image Science for Interventional Techniques), Université d'Auvergne Clermont 1 (Host: Natasa)
2016-10-31   14:15
CBA Simon Ekström Deformable registration of whole-body fat-water MRI images
2016-10-31   15:15
HCI Rebecca Andreasson Learning Contextual Inquiry and Distributed Cognition: a case stu...
Classical and Modern Papers in HCI
2016-11-07   14:15
E Alexandru Telea Medial descriptors: Myths, challenges, solutions, and new applica...
The Institute Johann Bernoulli, University of Groningen
2016-11-07   15:15
CBA Anindya Gupta Multi-layer Perceptron for Pulmonary Nodules Detection in CT Imag...
2016-11-14   14:15
E CBA Prof. Zoltan Kato Region-based 2D and 3D image registration with medical applicatio...
University of Szeged, Hungary (Host: Natasa)
2016-11-21   14:15
E Erik Melin COMSOL Multiphysics – Constructing High Quality Computational Mes...
2016-11-21   15:15
HCI Anders Persson Paper-seminar, Construal-Level Theory of Psychological Distance
Classical and Modern Papers in HCI
2016-11-28   14:15
CBA Leslie Solorzano Visualization, analysis and quantification of pulmonary parenchym...
2016-11-28   15:15
HCI Anders Persson Ethical decision-making with Algorithms and Machines
2016-12-05   14:15
E Anders Eklund Cluster failure: Why fMRI inferences for spatial extent have infl...
2016-12-14   14:15
E CBA Sergii Gryshkevych Convolutional neural networks for classification of transmission ...
Affiliation: Vironova
2016-12-19   14:15
E Jesper Molin Using interaction design and visualization to introduce image ana...
Chalmers/Sectra (Host: Carolina)
2016-12-19   15:15
CBA Amin Allalou High-throughput analysis of zebrafish behavior and gene expressio...

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction