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Previous Seminars at Vi2

2015-01-01 - 2015-06-30

Next Date and place (*) Type Keyword Speaker Title
2015-01-12   14:15
Robin Strand Large scale analysis of whole body images
2015-01-12   15:15
Mikael Laaksoharju Challenging HCI
2015-01-19   14:15
Damian Matuszewski Computer vision for continuous plankton monitoring
2015-01-19   15:15
Bengt Sandblad My HCI history
2015-01-26   14:15
Ida Bodin Domain analysis of an intensive care unit
2015-02-02   14:15
Sajith Kecheril Sadanandan Segmentation and Tracking of E.coli Bacteria in Phase contrast mi...
2015-02-02   15:15
M Karl Bengtsson Bernander A Method for Detecting Resident Space Objects and Orbit Determina...
Physics department
2015-02-09   14:15
Mats Lind Why you just can’t ask users about what they want
2015-02-09   15:15
Fredrik Wahlberg Identifying scribes
2015-02-16   14:15
Christer Oscar Kiselman Thoughts on discretization
2015-02-16   15:15
Edward White How mobile phones affect the sustainability of the work/life bala...
2015-02-23   14:15
E Constantijn Belderbos Design of a Human Machine Interface enabling Authority Transition...
TU Delft
2015-02-23   15:15
Kristina Lidayová Fast Vascular Centerline Tree Extraction Algorithm
2015-03-02   14:15
Bettina Selig Image Segmentation using Snakes and Stochastic Watershed
Exercise before Disputation
2015-03-02   15:15
Adama Arouna Koné Covering a Euclidean line or hyperplane by dilations of its discr...
2015-03-05   10:30
E Jesús Angulo Convolution in (max,min)-algebra and its role in mathematical mor...
Centre de Morphologie Mathématique, MINES Paristech, Paris, France
2015-03-09   14:15
Shweta Premanandan Role of Culture in the adoption of e-government services
2015-03-09   15:15
Johan Nysjö Fast interactive bone segmentation through 3D painting
2015-03-16   14:15
(No seminar due to SSBA)
2015-03-23   14:15
Carolina Wählby and Mats Lind About research education at Vi2
2015-03-23   15:15
Fei Liu Infrared-Visible Image Registration for Augmented Reality-Based B...
2015-03-30   14:15
Kalyan Ram Ayyalasomayajula Dense SIFT features for Character recognition
2015-03-30   15:15
Anton Axelsson Humans are cheesoids in a world of cheese
2015-04-13   14:15
Filip Malmberg Solidchamfer - an entrepreneurial adventure
2015-04-13   15:15
Thomas Lind Sociotechnical Inquiry
2015-04-20   14:15
Ingrid Carlbom The History of Computer Graphics (2 hours!)
2015-04-27   15:15
Petter Ranefall Gray-level Thresholding Based on Object Features
2015-05-11   14:15
Elisabeth Linnér Pre-aliasing on the CC, BCC and FCC sampling lattices
2015-05-11   15:15
Ryoko Asai How to be ethical?
2015-05-18   14:15
Anders Brun Features and Strategies for Text Recognition
2015-05-18   15:15
E Christiane Grünloh CANCELLED
2015-05-25   14:15
Marine Astruc Cluster detection and field-of-view quality rating applied to aut...
2015-05-25   15:15
Lars Oestreicher Developing Interactive Music Environments for Children with Cogni...
2015-06-01   14:15
Azadeh Fakhrzadeh Computerized Cell And Tissue Analysis
2015-06-01   15:15
Anders Jansson CANCELLED
2015-06-08   14:15
Stefan Seipel How close to true is target positioning using Augmented Reality?
2015-06-11   10:15
E Nasir Rajpoot Glandular Morphometrics for the Profiling of Colorectal Adenocarc...
Qatar University & University of Warwick
2015-06-15   14:15
Ida-Maria Sintorn Image analysis of patient specific Glioblastoma cellines: a proje...
2015-06-24   13:15
M Leo Svenningsson Fourier transform of BCC and FCC lattices for MRI applications
2015-06-24   14:15
M Karl-Oskar Smed Efficient and accurate volume rendering on face-centered and body...

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction