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2012-08-01 - 2013-01-01

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2012-08-27   14:15
Kristina Lidayova Semantic Categorization and Retrieval of Natural Scene Images
2012-09-03   14:15
Ida-Maria Sintorn Docentföreläsning: Texturmått för identifiering av virus i...
In swedish, Room 2446
2012-09-10   14:15
Alexandra Pacureanu Making isotropic 3D imaging at microscopic scale accessible to ev...
2012-09-17   14:15
Cris Luengo A review of stereological principles for image analysis
2012-09-24   14:15
E Michael Ashcroft An Introduction to Bayesian Network based technologies
2012-09-26   14:00
M Ahmet Tuğrul Bayrak Software development for automated tracking of unlabelled cells i...
2012-09-26   15:00
M Marine Astruc Cluster detection and field-of-view quality rating applied to aut...
2012-10-01   14:15
Elisabeth Linnér BCC and FCC Lattices in Medical Image Processing
2012-10-08   14:15
Erik Wernersson Computerized dendrochronology
2012-10-15   14:15
Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos Icon and aporia: Can images help us build better IT systems?
2012-10-16   10:15
Rebecka Janols Slutseminarium (In swedish)
Room: 1145
2012-10-19   14:15
M Xuan Tuan Trinh Online Learning of Multi-class SVMs
2012-10-22   14:15
Lars Oestreicher Accessibility: A matter of Technology or of Attitudes?
2012-10-26   14:15
M Krishna Paudel Stitching of X-Ray Images
2012-10-29   14:15
Ewert Bengtsson Computer assisted pathology – past experiences and future prospec...
2012-10-31   15:15
M Prabhu Mani Seed Surface Measurements from Multiple Views
2012-11-05   14:15
Gustaf Kylberg Investigation of Rotation Invariance of Texture Descriptors 
2012-11-12   14:15
Azadeh Fakhrzadeh An automated method for segmentation of epithelial height in test...
2012-11-19   14:15
Bengt Sandblad Humans in Complex Dynamic Work. The Case of Train Traffic Control
2012-11-26   14:15
Stefan Seipel Visual computing for resource management
2012-11-30   14:15
Ziquan Yu Tracking individual bees in a beehive
2012-12-03   14:15
Anders Jansson Collegial Verbalisation: A Method for Knowledge Elicitation in Co...
2012-12-10   14:15
Fredrik Wahlberg Word-spotting, what is it and why do we do it.
2012-12-14   14:00
E Mike Hawralycz CANCELED
Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity...

The Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, USA
2012-12-17   14:15
Håkan Selg New contact patterns in professional life: SMS, chat, email and t...

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction