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Previous Seminars at Vi2

2010-01-01 - 2010-07-01

Next Date Type Keyword Speaker Title
2010-01-11   15:15 Robin Strand Interpolation functions for three-dimensional grids
2010-01-18   15:15 Anders Brun Propagating distances, directions and derivatives
2010-01-25   15:15 Filip Malmberg Segmentation of muscles from magnetic resonance images
2010-02-01   15:15 Ida-Maria Sintorn PanViruShield - project update
2010-02-05   09:00 Several speakers Inje-Uppsala workshop on microscopy image analysis
2010-02-08   15:15 Lennart Svensson Investigating automatic transfer functions for volume rendering o...
2010-02-09   15:15 Anders Hast Phongs Belysningsmodell – hur den förbättrats genom åren
Docentföreläsning (Seminar is given in Swedish only)
2010-02-15   15:15 Amin Allalou and Hamid Sarve Presentation of Izolde Image Intelligence
2010-02-22   15:15 M Fredrik Olsson Visualization of Military Camp Sites
2010-02-25   10:15 M Kelly Hubble Digital Straight Line Segment Recognition on Non-Standard Point L...
2010-03-01   15:15 Gustaf Kylberg Classifiers for classifying virus data
2010-03-08   15:15 Ingrid Carlbom Whole Hand Haptics with True 3D Displays
2010-03-11   11:15 E Apostolos Antonacopoulos Large-Scale Digitisation and Recognition of Historical Documents:...
University of Salford, Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRImA) Lab
2010-03-15   15:15 Cris Luengo Owl and the CBA library
2010-03-22   15:15 Bettina Selig Segmentation of Compression Wood Cells
2010-03-24   09:15 E S H Lau Novel lab based x-ray tomography system for multiscale 3D charact...
Xradia Inc.
2010-03-29   15:15 Patrik Malm Simulated Bright-Field Images of Cervical Smears
2010-04-06   15:15 E Bo Blomgren Stereology-based image analysis in biology
Associate Principal Pathologist, AstraZeneca R&D Södertälje
2010-04-12   15:15 Vladimir Curic Binary image registration based on set distances
2010-04-19   15:15 Carolina Wählby CANCELED
A high throughput system for ...
2010-04-26   15:15 Ewert Bengtsson Eurobioimaging and the Swedish Bioimaging Network
2010-04-29   13:15 M Ying Wang Analysis Application for H.264 Video Encoding
Exjobb at Ericsson
2010-05-03   15:15 Khalid Niazi A brief tutorial on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform
2010-05-10   15:15 Erik Wernersson Quantifying large defects and measuring fibre wall thickness in C...
2010-05-17   15:15 Magnus Gedda Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2010-05-21   10:15 E Punam K Saha Multi-scale Topo-morphologic Approaches and Their Applications to...
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dept. of Radiology, University of Iowa
2010-05-24   15:15 M Jens Hedrich Image analysis to identify pre-modern coins and medals
2010-05-27   15:15 E Rémy Malgouyres Cached multi-bounce solution and reconstruction for voxel-based g...
University of Clermont
2010-05-28   10:15 M Erik Almlöf What is most important in a city? Development of a localization t...
2010-05-31   15:15 Kristin Norell Rehearsal before the public defense of the thesis
2010-06-07   15:15 E Carl Sjöberg Atlas-based segmentation of the prostate for the planning of radi...
Department of Oncology, Radiology and Clinical Immunology, UU
2010-06-14   15:15 M Johan Nysjö Orbit segmentation for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery planning
Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction