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Previous Seminars at Vi2

2008-07-01 - 2009-01-01

Next Date and place (*) Type Keyword Speaker Title
2008-08-25   15:15
Lennart Svensson Marker based motion capture
2008-09-01   15:15
Cris Luengo Introducing DIPimage
2008-09-08   15:15
Patrick Edlund Karlsson Generalrepetition inför disputation
2008-09-15   15:15
E Siavoush Mohammadi Mohaghegh Visualization of electromagnetic observables in radio-beams
2008-09-22   15:15
M Vladimir Curic Mathematical Modeling of Efficient Water Flow Management
2008-09-29   15:15
Patrik Malm An introduction to the 3D modeling software Blender
2008-10-06   15:15
Filip Malmberg Getting started with VTK
2008-10-13   15:15
Erik Wernersson Markov Random Fields
2008-10-20   15:15
Hamid Sarve 2D-3D Registration aided by GPU
2008-10-27   15:15
E Antti Niemistö Image analysis for systems biology: experiences from the world of...
2008-10-30   15:15
Robin Strand Avståndsfunktioner och Bildbehandling på Gitter - Med Fokus på de...
2008-11-03   15:15
E Gabriella Sanniti di Baja On Medial Representations
Institute of Cybernetics
2008-11-06   15:15
E David Coeurjolly Volumetric Discrete Object Analysis: Separable Techniques and Per...
Université de Lyon
2008-11-10   15:15
Gustaf Kylberg Moving towards automated TEM for virus detection.
2008-11-17   15:15
Khalid Niazi Counting the heart beats during arrhythmia
2008-11-19   13:15
M Erik Ahlberg Design of a Sense-and-Avoid Algorithm for manned aircrafts and UA...
2008-11-24   15:15
Milan Gavrilovic Applications of spectral angle based classification in microscopy...
2008-12-01   15:15
Joakim Lindblad GPGPU + Golf = Money?
2008-12-08   15:15
Ingrid Carlbom Challenges in Multi-Disciplinary Research
2008-12-15   15:15
Gustaf Kylberg and Hamid Sarve An attractive and compelling graphic profile facilitates recognit...

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction