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Previous Seminars at Vi2

2007-01-01 - 2007-07-01

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2007-01-08   15:15
M Milan Gavrilovic Automatic Determination of HER-2 Status by Analyzing Fluorescent ...
Image Processing, Telemedicine and Multimedia Laboratory, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2006
2007-01-15   15:15
E Antti Niemistö Quantitative image analysis for understanding cellular signalling...
Tampere University of Technology
2007-01-22   15:15
M Cezary Bloch Rendering of multivariate 3D volume data
2007-01-24   15:15
M Max Koszela Measurement of Local Filler Content in Paper
2007-01-29   15:15
Maria Axelsson 3D Tracking of Cellulose Fibres
2007-02-05   15:15
M Amin Allalou Algorithm design for signal detection in fluorescence microscopy ...
2007-02-12   15:15
Stina Svensson Distance weighted propagation of gradient magnitudes OR how to av...
2007-02-19   15:15
Hamid Sarve Analysis of Histological Images and SRuCT Image Volumes of Bone R...
2007-02-26   15:15
M Magnus Kronnäs A tool for computer aided measurements of 3D curvature of the spi...
2007-03-05   15:15
Khalid Niazi Improved Directional FIlter Bank and Its appplication in Image En...
2007-03-12   15:15
E Laszlo Nyul Retina Image Analysis for Screening Examinations
Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
2007-03-19   15:15
Joakim Lindblad Image analysis for quantitative estimation of seed vitality
2007-03-26   15:15
Erik Vidholm Cancelled
2007-04-02   15:15
Patrick Karlsson Cancelled
2007-04-16   15:15
Robin Strand Weighted Distances Based on Neighbourhood Sequences
2007-04-20   13:15
M Johannes Lärkner Vattennivåavläsning med kamerateknik - att ersätta gamla rutiner ...
2007-04-23   15:15
Magnus Gedda MET Protein Stalk Flexibility Description
2007-04-26   10:15
E Hans Frimmel e-Health Research Centre, Brisbane - from automated cancer stagin...
2007-05-07   15:15
Erik Vidholm Hardware-accelerated volume visualisation of parametrically mappe...
2007-05-14   15:15
M Tomas Björklund 3D Pointer Using Stereo Imaging
2007-05-21   15:15
No seminar this monday
2007-05-28   15:15
Ingela Nyström UPPMAX - a resource of high-performance computers and know-how
2007-06-04   15:15
Gerhard Bax 90 degrees, 9000 meters; potential and challenges of Geoinformati...
2007-06-11   15:15
Carolina Wählby What's going on in the ENLIGHT project
2007-06-18   15:15
M Qing Gu Finding and segmenting human faces

(*) If no place is specified: room 4307.

Seminar Types
E External presenter (speaker from outside Vi2)
M Master thesis presentation
CBA Image analysis
HCI Human-computer interaction