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Graduate courses

  1. CellProfiler for Facility Managers, 2hp 
    Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 130829-0830
  2. Imaging Workshop on Nordic Mitosis Network, 2hp 
    Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 130903-0903
  3. BioVis Course on Methods for Cell Analysis, 3hp 
    Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 130926-0927
  4. Scientific Data Presentation, 3hp
    Gunilla Borgefors, Gustaf Kylberg, Cris Luengo
    Period: 130919-1017
    Description: The goal of the course is to give PhD students the ability to effectively present the data resulting from their experiments. The course covered different forms of graphs and tables for one and two- dimensional sampled data, categorical data, discrete values, etc.; certain aspects of human perception relevant to displaying data, including colour perception; the need to highlight the story in the data, refraining from displaying the non-essential things (without, of course, misrepresenting the data); and how to use drawing tools such as Illustrator or Inkscape to edit figures generated by Excel, MATLAB, or any other graphing tool.

  5. Basic Image Analysis: Focused on Microscopy Applications, 2hp 
    Cris Luengo, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 131010-1010
    Description: The main learning objectives of this course, given in Umeå, are to understand basic concepts and methods in computerized image analysis, to become familiar with image analysis software and to be able to choose and apply suitable image analysis methods to extract quantitative information from images in real applications.

  6. Live Cell Imaging, 3hp 
    Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 131011-1011
  7. Application Oriented Image Analysis, 7.5p 
    Azadeh Fakhrzadeh, Kristina Lidayova, Cris Luengo, Robin Strand, Carolina Wählby 
    Period: 131127-1127
  8. Classical & Modern Papers 
    PhD students at CBA, Cris Luengo 
    Period: During the whole year
    Description: Presentations and discussions of classical or modern papes in image processing. 

  9. Functional Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging, 3hp 
    Alexandra Pacureanu 
    Period: 131210-1210


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