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Seminars at CBA with invited guest lecturers

  1. Matthew Thurley 
    Address: Luleå Technical University 
    Date: 120209 
    Title: Automated, Online, Non-Contact Particle Size Measurement on Conveyor using 3D Surface Profile Data 
  2. Hans Blom 
    Address: Science for Life Laboratory, KTH 
    Date: 120521 
    Title: Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Microscopy for Nanoscale Proteomics 
  3. Clas Linnman 
    Address: Childrens Hospital, Harvard, Boston, USA 
    Date: 120525 
    Title: PET and fMRI of Fear and Pain Processing 
  4. Anders Ländström 
    Address: Luleå Technical University 
    Date: 120612 
    Title: Tensor-Based Adaptive Morphology applied to Crack Detection for Steel Slabs 
  5. Alfred M. Bruckstein 
    Address: Computer Science Department, Technion, Haifa, Israel 
    Date: 120620 
    Title: Digital Geometry for Metrology Tasks 
    Comment: CoSy-seminar. 
  6. Michael Ashcroft 
    Date: 120924 
    Title: An Introduction to Bayesian Network based technologies