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Our total expenditure was 22.1 million SEK for 2011, an increase of 18% from 2010. To cover this, 40% came from UU, 20% from SLU and 36% from external sources.

Over the years, the number of people working at CBA has varied considerably. During 2011, about 38 people were working at CBA, the same number as the previous year. About two thirds are employed by UU, the rest by SLU. The activity at CBA is similar to a department within a single university, but the administration is more complicated due to our dependence on two universities, and especially now during reorganizations.

Even though CBA itself does not organize undergraduate education, most of us teach 10-20%, more for some lecturers. The economy for that is not included in Table 1 below, which describes our overall economy for 2011. Since part of our economy is handled at UU and part at SLU, this summary is based on joining the two accounts and clearing internal transactions between the universities. The numbers are rounded to the nearest 1000 SEK. The same numbers for income and costs are also given as pie charts in Figure 1. Who finances each project can be ascertained in Section 5, where all projects are listed. Project grants that have been received but not used are directly balanced to next year, and are thus not included in the income-cost tables.

Table 1: CBA income and costs for 2011 in kSEK.
Income   Costs  
UU 8752 Personnel 12894
SLU 4443 Equipment 614
Governmental grants 4432 Operating exp. 3093
Non-governmental grants 2806 Rent 1300
Contracts 702 University overhead 4194
Financial netto 53    
Total income 21188 Total cost 22095
The Swedish Research Council, SIDA, Formas
Research foundations, EU
Internal invoices from UU and compensations
Including travel and conferences

Figure 1: CBA income (top) and costs (below) for 2011.
Image income

Image cost

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