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Dept. of Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry, UU

Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institute

Dept. of Engineering Sciences, UU

Dept. of Genetics and Pathology, UU

Dept. Of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, UU

Dept. of Information Technology, UU

Dept. of Linguistics and Philology, UU

Dept. of Medical Cell Biology, UU

Dept. of Medical Sciences, Cancer Pharmacology and Computational Medicine, UU

Dept. of Neurosciences, UU

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Biosciences, UU

Dept. of Plastic- and Maxillofacial Surgery, UU Hospital

Dept. of Psychology, UU

Dept. of Radiology, Oncology and Radiation Science, UU

Dept. of Scandinavian Languages, UU

Dept. of Surgical Sciences, UU

Science for Life Laboratory, UU

Uppsala Applied Science Lab, UU

Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, SLU

Dept. of Ecology, SLU

Dept. of Economics, SLU

Dept. of Equine Studies, SLU

Dept. of Forest Products, SLU

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Borås

Dept. of Industrial Development, IT and Land Management, University of Gävle

Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Technology, University of Gävle

MedTech West, Chalmers and Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg

Institute of Odontology, The Sahlgrenska Academy, Göteborg

SenseGraphics AB, Kista

Lantmännen Lantbruk, Lidköping & Uppsala

Dept. of Science and Technology, Linköping University

AstraTech, Mölndal

Centre for Microbiological Preparedness; Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI), Solna

Dept. of Human Geography, Stockholms University

Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Dept. of Mathematics, KTH, Stockholm

Dept. of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Dept. of Sociology, Stockholm University

Dept. of Solid Mechanics, KTH, Stockholm

Industrial Metrology and Optics Group, KTH, Stockholm

Innventia, Stockholm

Vattenfall Research and Development AB, Stockholm

Vironova AB, Stockholm

Dept. of Neurophysiology, Umeå University

Dept. of Risk-Benefit Assessment, National Food Administration, Uppsala

Gradientech AB, Uppsala

Maxx automation AB, Uppsala

PiezoMotors AB, Uppsala

Dept. of Clinical Medicine, School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University -1ex

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