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Poster presentations - non-refereed conferences

  1. Conference: Eurographics 2010
    Stefan Seipel, Fei Liu, Martin Ericsson 
    Date: 100503-100507 
    Address: Linköping University, Campus Norrköping 
    Title: A Curvature Based Lightning Model for Quasi-global Diffuse Illumination
  2. Conference: TAMSEC 
    Gustaf Kylberg 
    Date: 101027-101028 
    Address: Collegium, Linköping 
    Title: Towards Identification of Highly Pathogenic Viruses Based on Image Analysis and TEM 
    Comment: TAMSEC is a National Symposium on Technology and Methodology for Security and Crisis Management. Printed proceedings with one page abstract.
  3. Conference: IMAGIC seminar 2010 
    Catherine Östlund 
    Date: 101123-101124 
    Address: Electrum, Kista 
    Title: Revealing Paper Structure in 3D Using X-ray Tomography