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Graduate courses

  1. Research Methodology for Image Analysis, 4 hp 
    Gunilla Borgefors, Ewert Bengtsson 
    Period: 091124-100120 
    Comment: This course is intended for PhD students who started their research career recently. The goal is to give general and useful knowledge about how to become a good and published researcher in image analysis and/or various applications thereof. Ingrid Ogenhall, Ångström library gave one lecture.
  2. Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Techniques, 7.5 hp 
    Joakim Lindblad, Nataša Sladoje, Milan Gavrilovic 
    Period: 100215-100326
    Description: This course provides the foundations of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy reasoning, as well as practical hands on experience of fuzzy techniques in various applications through computer exercises and project work.
  3. Linear Methods in Multidimensional Signal Analysis, 4.5 hp 
    Anders Brun, Klas Nordberg, Rudolf Mester, Leif Haglund, Björn Svensson, Magnus Herberhsson 
    Period: 100810-100813 
    Comment: The course is given as SSBA Summer School 2010. Cris Luengo and Robin Strand participated in the planning of the course.