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UU courses

  1. Automatic Control I, 7.5 hp 
    Hamid Sarve 
    Period: 100115-100322
  2. Computer Programming I, 5 hp 
    Erik Wernersson 
    Period: 100118-100318
  3. Computer Graphics, 10 hp 
    Filip Malmberg 
    Period: 100121-100305
  4. Computer Assisted Image Analysis I, 7.5 hp 
    Amin Allalou, Patrik Malm, Gustaf Kylberg, Milan Gavrilovic 
    Period: 100319-100525
  5. Scientific Computing III, 5 hp 
    Elisabeth Linnér 
    Period: 100830-101015
  6. Programming Bridging Course, 10 hp 
    Olle Eriksson, Lennart Svensson 
    Period: 100830-101217
  7. Scientific Visualization, 5 hp 
    Filip Malmberg, Stefan Seipel, Pontus Olsson, Gustaf Kylberg, Patrik Malm 
    Period: 100901-101012
  8. Computer Assisted Image Analysis II, 10 hp 
    Cris Luengo, Anders Brun, Vladimir Curic, Joakim Lindblad, Ida-Maria Sintorn, Robin Strand, Patrik Malm, Gustaf Kylberg 
    Period: 101026-110113
  9. Medical Informatics, 5 hp 
    Ewert Bengtsson 
    Period: 101111-101111
  10. Color Theory and Application - Perceptual and Design Issues, 1 hp 
    Stefan Seipel 
    Period: 100217-100217 
    Comment: External one day intensive course developed and given for system developers and designers at Banverket.