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Organised conferences and workshops

  1. CBA 20 Year Anniversary Celebration 
    Organisers: CBA staff 
    Address: Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala 
    Date: 090203, 090205 
    Attendees: On 090203: Colleagues and cooperation partners at Polacksbacken.
    On 090205: Invited VIP:s that have had special importance for CBA over the years.
    Comment: The research at CBA was presented in the 3D visualization lab.

  2. One day workshop at Second Workshop on UnConventional High Performance Computing, (UCHPC'09) 
    Organisers: Anders Hast 
    Address: Ischia, Italy 
    Date: 090518-21

  3. Special Session on Digital Shape Analysis: Theory and Application at 6th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA'09)  
    Organisers: Joakim Lindblad and Natasa Sladoje
    Address: University of Salzburg, Austria, Department of Computer Sciences 
    Date: 090916-18

  4. Constraints as the Core of Creativity  
    Speaker: Douglas Hofstadter, Cognitive Science Program, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
    Organiser: Gunilla Borgefors
    Address: Siegbahn room, Ångström Laboratory
    Date: 090213
    Comment: Hofstadter was the 2009 UU Celsius lecturer the day before. For that lecture he wrote a poem that is found in the appendix last in this report.