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Other Projects

  1. The Development of a General Image Analysis Software Platform
    Bo Nordin, Ewert Bengtsson
    Funding: TN-faculty, UU
    Period: 8807-
    Abstract: In image analysis research it is important to have a good platform for interactive work with digital images. We have therefore for many years had a supporting ``background'' Project in which we have been developing and maintaining a flexible platform for image analysis work to which new modules easily can be added. The first version of the system, IMP, created in the late 1980-ies, was based on a commericial collaboration Project in which around 10 man-years were invested and it has been used extensively in our research and education over the years. Some years ago a new C++ based version, Pixy, was initiated. It has been used to some extent even though the full initially planned system has not yet been implemented. Today a rapidly increasing number of software platforms for image analysis are becoming available so our work on IMP and Pixy is becoming limited to giving support and making specific additions as needed.

  2. Geodesic Computations in Sampled Manifolds
    Anders Brun
    Partners: Ola Nilsson, Dept. of Science and Technolog, Linköping University, Martin Reimers, Centre of Mathematics for Applications, University of Oslo
    Funding: S-Faculty, SLU
    Period: 0806-0912
    Abstract: The estimation of geodesic distances in sampled manifolds and surfaces, such as geometric mesh models in 3-D visualization or abstract sampled manifolds in image analysis, poses a difficult and computationally demanding problem. Despite the many advances in discrete mathematics and distance transforms, and fast marching and numerical methods for the solution of PDEs, the solution of the eikonal equation in a general manifold chart equipped with an arbitrary sampled metric known only in a discrete set of points has only recently beed adressed in 3-D and higher dimensions by researchers. In this Project we focus on accurate computations of geodesic distances and related mappings, such as the log map, in 2-D and 3-D. Applications for such methods are found in computer graphics (e.g. camera movement, texture mapping, tensor field visualization) and basic image analysis (e.g. skeletonization, manifold learning, clustering). During 2009, two articles have been submitted for journal publication.

  3. Deconvolution of Motion Blur in Photograph of Common Swift
    Cris Luengo
    Partner: Olle Tenow
    Funding: Olle Tenow, SLU
    Period: 0902-0903
    Abstract: Rare occurrences of animal behaviour in nature are sometimes observed and photographed. In this case, one single photograph contained evidence that might suggest an interspecies ``spill-over'' reaction. A Common Swift was observed making several fly-ins towards a perching newborn House Martin, while carrying feed in its pouch. In the photograph, the Swift was in flight and therefore it's features were obscured by motion blur. By deconvolving the portion of the photograph containing the Swift, it was possible to show that it, in fact, had a swollen pouch and was therefore carrying food and looking for a young to feed. Arguments and conclusions based on this deconvolution were published in Ornis Svecica 19(4):233-236, 2009.

  4. Image Analysis for Studying Horse Behavior
    Anders Brun
    Partner: Lars Roepstorff, SLU
    Funding: SLU
    Period: 0901-0912
    Abstract: In this Project, we track the hoof of the horse, filmed with high-speed cameras, when it hits the ground after a jump. We also analyze signals from a pressure sensor on the saddle. The work of CBA is mainly to help the veterinary group to analyze these signals.

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